I have to say that the Labour Day weekend and start of the academic year always makes me feel optimistic, inspired, and full of energy. Despite the fact that there is so much…ah… labour…that this time of year requires. My son started Grade 1 this year and my daughter began preschool (just 2 days  a week – couldn’t quite send her off daily just yet!). A very nice colleague of mine agreed to switch OR days with me so that I could be around the first morning my family had to get 2 kids and one dad out the door by 8:30. I know many, many people have been doing this for years, but we have been fortunate enough to avoid it.

The morning went well.  The school yard was as chaotic as ever, but being his second year experiencing it, Micah wasn’t phased. He went off with his class like he had been doing it all summer!   Ariel did just as well. After we left the school yard, I walked her to her preschool. She was happy to be there and gave me a wave goodbye. I walked home with just the baby, thinking how in 2 short years, I would be leaving him at preschool and Ariel at the big school and these baby days would be over! How can that be? Just 2 more years and we will have an empty house during the week! Whoever said that the “days are long, but the years are short” said it just right.

So in the spirit of this time of fresh starts, I am making some in my own life. This is the year I am going to work at work and be at home when I am home! I am going to try not to the mix the two. Additionally, I am expanding my quest to be more mindful in life to really focus on being more mindful with my family time. I want to savour these days and years and not wish them away. Sure there are lots of times of challenge and frustration, but when I am faced with the idea that we are so close to the end of the baby years I realize that I need to be more present before they are gone. I don’t want to miss them.

Finally, I am going to try my hand at blogging. I have been so inspired by so many blogs this year, that I wanted to try out being a part of the on-line community that I have so much enjoyed in the last year or so.

Wishing all the students, teachers, and others who consider the day after Labour day a new beginning, a wonderful day!