Yes, this question has been asked of my by those (very few) people I have told about this little experiment of mind (I typed “mind” and upon proofreading, realized I meant “mine”. However, I decided it was a Freudian slip and I decided to leave it as is…). I think I am trying this out because of my not-so-secret fantasy about being a writer. I have always had this fantasy despite never actually spending any time writing! And also despite the firm knowledge that I do not possess either the discipline or the creativity to produce a completed written project.

I am a person motivated by lists and clear goals. With medicine, I chose the specialty of anesthesiology for many reasons, but one reason was you show up at work and they give you a list of what to do today! When you have finished that list, you go home (more or less). Writing requires finding some quiet time at some point and writing something – not very concrete for a person like me! And yet the idea of a solitary pursuit of sitting with my thoughts and expressing them in written form has always appealed to me.

Then last year my husband gave me an iPad. I thought he was crazy to have spent so much money on a brand new piece of technology (he ALWAYS wait until the 2nd or 3rd iteration of some thing before buying in). Anyway, we had just had our 3rd baby and his good friend suggested to him that I might find an iPad useful during all my time spent nursing. He very sweetly gave me an unexpected present.

The iPad (which I thought I would never use) opened up a whole new world to me. I really enjoyed reading the electronic form – because I found it was almost like reading a book I started reading on line items more often. Previously, I got restless after 20 minutes in front of the computer. I started following a few blogs. First a colleague’s blog about moving his family to New Zealand for a year, then a classmate’s blog about life in rural Maine, and then a few other blogs. I felt really inspired reading these blogs. I LOVED reading about other’s peoples lives. It has become a little daily treat for me.

At the same time, I became more involved in teaching residents at work. It has always interested me that when I work with female residents or medical students they all want to know about my family life. They want to know about how made decisions regarding when to get married, when to have children, how many children to have, how much to work, nanny or daycare, etc. We were always having the same conversations. At first, I kept trying to bring the discussions back to the science of anesthesiology, but then I realized that maybe sharing some of my personal stories is also important to their education. After all, we do learn from watching others and hearing about how they do things. Maybe I do have something to offer in this regard. Maybe it is just as important as teaching the techniques and knowledge required by my profession.

In any case, since I was enjoying reading about other’s lives in their blogs, I finally decided to give it a try myself. We’ll see how much I actually enjoy the solitary pursuit of putting thoughts into words! But as everyone who knows me will tell you – I do love to TALK!

Happy Friday!