Well, I am having a real “working mom” kind of day. I will admit that I hate that term – I am sure I will post a rant about that soon. But for the sake of clarity, I will use the term.

Weekend mornings are lovely here, coffee, jammies, no one in a rush. That is, until about 10am when all 3 children suddenly lose it. They start picking at each other, whining, and being generally needy. Our children are a bit like puppies – they need to be run! We know this is going to happen, so why can we not plan to be packed up and ready to “GO” somewhere by 10 am? I don’t know…Anyway, we endured the usual hour to get ready to go, and ended up in the woods for a walk by about 11am.

It was lovely morning – a very mild winter day, with just a little snow on the ground and few people on the trail. We walked for about an hour and returned home for lunch. After the obligatory chaos of lunch and preparing for nap-time, here I sit. Because of course, all the time I was with my family I was thinking about this 2 hour seminar I have to give next week. Two hours of teaching residents about the anesthetic considerations and general principles of spastic quadriplegia, spina bifida, trisomy 21, and the approach to the uncooperative patient. Fairly basic, but as my lecture falls right after the holidays, I have yet to work on it! Ahhhh!

Which means that the quiet afternoon pause at my house, will be spent working on this presentation until the first little one decides rest time is over and play time is ON! This constant divide in my mind – being with my family while I am thinking ahead to the work I have to do, is my biggest challenge. This challenge is what has lead me to learning more about mindfulness and trying to bring the practice into my personal life. After all, I did not need to spend the hour in the woods with my family worrying about what I was going to say next Wednesday, did I! I guess that it why they call it “practicing”. Oh well.