I wrote last week about lovely Saturdays at home. Well, this past Saturday was a little different. Micah and Ariel play the violin. Well, Micah plays the violin and I move Ariel’s arm and fingers so she can “play” the violin (I am sure there will be a future post about the Suzuki Method of learning music in the future ). Anyway, Micah and I were scheduled to spend the day at a workshop, featuring Celtic music. It had been organized by his tireless, wonderful music teacher and would include step-dancing, bodhran playing,and, of course, lots of fiddling. On Saturday morning, I was up with the boys, Micah and Kirby, but Ariel was still sleeping, she being a lover of late mornings….

As we were packing up our lunches and the violin, I heard Ariel waking up. Since I knew I wouldn’t see her all day, I went up to say good morning and give her a little cuddle. She was not in a good mood, in fact she was downright sour. Her first questions: “Are you going to work!” – said in an accusatory way, not as a question. I explained that I wasn’t going to work, but taking Micah to his workshop. She was VERY upset that she was not coming. We talked about it, to no avail. She wanted to get dressed before she came down, so I said I would get ready downstairs but I wouldn’t leave before saying good-bye to her.

Well, what happened next will be something we will all remember. Micah and were getting our coats on and I ran out to put things in the car. When I came back in, I heard this blood-curdling shriek and the sound of 3-year-old feet running as fast as they can. Around the corner from the kitchen into the mudroom, flew my little girl. She was crying and shrieking,her long hair was tangled and flying around her and she was completely naked. She threw herself into my arms and it took several minutes for her little body and her mind to calm down in my arms and several more for her to feel satisfied that I could leave the house. Turns out, she thought we were leaving without saying good-bye. It was actually pretty hilarious (if you aren’t Ariel).

As Micah and I were driving away, I was thinking about this incident. Ariel doesn’t usually mind when I leave, especially if she is spending the day with her dad. My only thought is that her naked act of desperation was brought on by an unusually busy work week. One where I was not home 3 nights out of 5 (unusual for me). Perhaps I better keep a closer eye on that schedule. AFter all, it was about -12 degrees Celsius out when she flew naked into our mud room….