This week I turned 37. 37! Wow – I don’t feel like I am in my late 30s, whatever that means. I am fortunate that my birthday always brings up those “new beginnings, fresh start” feelings I have written about before. I have yet to feel old, I just feel moved to think about my life. Which, so far, has been pretty great. So here is what I was thinking about this week.

All my dreams have come true. This is not an exaggeration. When I was younger I dreamed of getting married to a wonderful man (check), becoming a doctor (check), and having many children (I am going to categorize 3 as many, so – check). I had hoped my man and I would have the type of relation where the kids didn’t care who showed up to wipe their bums. This is true and gives a little insight into the weirdo I was as a teenager. So although we have our issues and rough spots, we have a pretty equal relationship where there is a division of labour but it is fluid, ever-changing division.

But there is more – yes, more! Yesterday, I was out for a birthday afternoon with one of my closest friends and she reminded me that we had been friends now for OVER 20 years! Wow! She asked me if this made me feel old. It didn’t, it just made me feel incredibly lucky to have this amazing woman, who I met as a teenager, still be my friend all of these years later. And unbelievably, we are living in the same city after years of both of us living many other places far from each other. And what is more, she is not the only close friend of mine who has moved back to this city. My childhood best friend moved back here with her family shortly after I did.

So here I am, age 37, living in a beautiful place with a wonderful family, and amazing friends I have known forever….what more could I want? Nothing, I can honestly say nothing. I am a lucky, lucky, woman.