I haven’t mentioned this before in this blog, but my favourite blog to ready is Soulemama. She writes and illustrates with photos the most beautiful blog about her life in Eastern Maine, homesteading with her family. This blog is just beautiful and inspiring and her life is so far from my own, I often marvel that it IS indeed my favourite! I mean, she seems to mindfully move through her days homeschooling her 5 (5!) children, farming, cooking, knitting, and crafting. I really look forward to reading her posts everyday and I miss them when they are not there. Today’s post, which I urge you to check out, is one of my favourite types of her. It is a list of words and photos about what is going on in her kitchen. Now, I am definitely a foodie and a pretty good chef and baker and I LOVE working in my kitchen. But her list and mine are a real contrast this week. Here is what is happening in my kitchen this week:

:: leftover pancakes for breakfast (don’t get excited – they were Bisquick)
:: pancakes for supper with a can of beans because the “mealplan” never got made this week
:: this conversation with my husband: “Does your mother like tacos? I won’t be home for supper and I don’t know what else to ask the sitter to make for supper”. OF COURSE my mother in law (who was coming to visit and happens to be one of the best cooks I know) does not like tacos from a mix!
:: Frozen pierogies and bacon for grown up dinner because I found them in the back of the freezer and decided they just had to go…that and I didn’t feel like eating pancakes
:: can of tuna dumped on greens for lunch, because again: there was no meal plan this week
:: a floor littered with cereal at all times of the day or night because my toddler has finally figured out how to get around the “baby-proofing” on the cupboard doors to help himself to food

So that is it – very inspiring, for sure! I guess the lesson this time is: even if I am too tired to make the meal plan…make it. Or I will pay for it all week (noticed almost no fresh fruit or vegetables on the above list).

Hope your kitchens fared better than mine this week!