Oh, how I hope that title is true! The weather has turned here – you can feel it in the air. It is warmer, it smells fresher, and people everywhere are crawling out of their winter cocoons to greet the change in season. I am always reminded of how wonderful seasons are when we experience a change in one. I mean, sure we endure a long, dark winter, but the transition to spring would not be so sweet without it!

In my house, I was reminded once again of what a return of spring meant: MORE ENERGY! My children are talkers. Even the youngest, only 18 months, never stops talking – although he only has a handful of understandable words. My older 2, however, are gifted talkers (read: they talk a lot, often non-stop). My children need lots of physical activity, but in particular the joy of a warm spring day makes them chatty!

So it was I came home after a particularly long day at work to find a house full of children full of energy for TALKING. The baby got his time first as it was his bedtime. After that, I went to give Ariel her cuddle. Usually we chat for a minute, then we sing a song, kiss good night and she goes to sleep. Not tonight, every time I tried to say good night she would say “But Mummy, I want to tell you more about my day!”. I mean, what do you say to that? So I listened to her list every, single art supply they have at her preschool. This happened 2 more times: “Mummy, I am not finished talking about my day”. She talked with a break for over 20 minutes!

Next up, was my son. He said, “Mummy, can we chat?” . Oh, music to my ears! Except the chatting consisted of a full 15 minutes about the details of an iPad game he is really into (one I used to play until he started and advanced the game so far, I can play anymore!).

Yes, spring has sprung and so have the Chatty Cathys.

Happy Spring!