Yesterday, my hospital experienced an electricity problem and had to cancel all scheduled surgeries. As you can imagine this led to a lot of confusion and chaos. I was not working yesterday, I was home with my lovely littles because it was MIcah’s birthday. I wanted to have some time to prepare his cake, presents, party, etc. But I was scheduled to work today.So I had one of those quintessential “working mom” days. You know, where I am on the phone with the Chief of Surgery while simultaneously saying things like “Kirby – don’t stand on the picnic table!” or “ahhhh! don’t drink the water out of the water table!”. I am trying to keep my toddler safe and my preschooler from yelling while discussing serious hospital issues such as…will we go ahead with the big orthopedics case tomorrow. When I am able to step back from the situation and observe myself, I always find it funny to see my 2 worlds colliding.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a total of 4 calls from 3 different people all about today. Everytime I recieved a phone call, the plan had changed. And what did we ultimately do today? Well, today I did the same case in the OR I had planned to do when I left on Tuesday night! Yes, we came full circle.

Moral of the story: perhaps we don’t need to keep each other constantly updated!

Real moral of the story: turn off my cell phone and pager when I am not working. I was not exactly a “mindful mother” yesterday. Oh well…there is always tomorrow….