I am sitting here on call waiting (not-so-patiently) for my patient to arrive. And suddenly I realized that perhaps I could spend the time writing a post for my summer-neglected blog!

I came in to work this morning to a waitlist that looked appalling: 6 cases on the list by 8am, all of them booked for longer than 2 hours! The waitlist usually doesn’t even get started until after 4pm so it was depressing to look at. But due to the hard work and kindness of my colleagues the list has been whittled down to something long but manageable. Anticipating our long night on call, I arranged to have supper delivered for everyone (Thai food – my favourite).

The response was overwhelming. People were so pleased to eat a nice supper. Two of the nurses had never had Thai food before and they loved it! I received way too many thanks than is deserved and after everyone ate together we all went back to the OR to continue working on our list of cases. The mood was noticeably lighter, people were happier, and the work seemed more fun.

When I was a resident, there was one hospital where you were up ALL NIGHT, every night you were on call. It was a true test of stamina. It was completely exhausting mentally and physically. But the staff person ALWAYS ordered supper. And they were order something good: sushi, Thai, vietnamese….The promise of a nice supper somehow made the whole night more tolerable. I never forgot that. It was no skin off their nose, let me tell you, as those call nights were very lucrative for them. But still, they didn’t have to order and pay for food.

So tonight I decided to for my team what made me happy as a resident and order food. It was a small amount money well spent. And I had a delicious supper. Somehow good food can make everything a little bit better.

I must make a habit of this.