AS I wrote last year (one year ago! blogging that long, oh my), Labour Day is like my own New Year. A chance to do things differently, or better, or more mindfully. In short, a fresh start. I also love the autumn. While I enjoy summer and all of its beautiful summer activities, I am always most inspired by autumn.

I love the small of the fall, the feel of the cool fresh breeze, the smell of fireplaces, the crisp air, wearing sweaters, and the changing colours…I love it all really. And so, I am once again inspired by the coming of fall.

This year, I am vowing to myself some new things and a few recurrent themes. Here is my list of resolutions for Autumn 2012, divided into general categories (my attempt to make these resolutions somewhat sustainable includes weekday only resolutions):

Sunday – Thursday Resolutions

* Go to bed early. Really early – by 9:30
* Get up early, like, really early: 5:45, even on days when I don’t have to be in the OR by 7
* Indulge in cocktails on Saturdays only! (and maybe the occasional Friday0
* Return to healthy eating habits, including, but not limited to: NO nightime snacking


* Begin (again) to meditate everyday, even if only for 5 minutes, well, I would take even 2 minutes
* Exercise (with friends, if possible) 3 times per week
* Release the guilt: if I am doing something for myself, it also will benefit my family (exercise, time with friends, etc)
* Cut myself some slack on the home front e.g. If I am too tired to race out to take everyone swimming after supper, it is OK not to do it!
* Make an effort to spend time only with people who are inspiring and have a positive influence on my life
* Be more mindful in my home and family life


* Accept at work: as myself “Does it matter? Is it worth my time and energy?”
* Remember my priorities: ” Work to MY clinical standard and don’t worry about everyone else”
* Do not gossip
* Do not get angry, it always passes

It is a long list, my friends, but I like to dream big. Making lists like this makes me feel happy and inspired even though I know I will not succeed on every goal. But who cares? You cannot succeed if you don’t try!

Happy New Year, uh, Labour Day to you!