A few months ago, I was lucky enough to have some wonderful women (both old and new friends) agree to come together to discuss becoming more mindful in our lives. I will write more about how that came to pass and the book we are reading together in the future. I am so excited to write about it, that the words have not yet seem to formulate cohesively in my mind!

But I did not want that to stop me from sharing our new challenge to each other. We try to meet about once a month. After January’s meeting, one of our members suggested that we challenge ourselves to a attempting a daily practice of something mindful. Each person is choosing their own. For example, one mother is going to turn off her iPhone in the evenings, another is going to wake earlier each day to savour the stillness present before the start of the day.

I am going to attempt to have ONE mindful moment with my children each day. My husband asked me what that meant. To be honest, I don’t really know what that actually means to the academic experts on mindfulness. But to me, it means that I will try to have one moment each day where I let everything else fall away and focus on all the details of the moment I am in. I am a little nervous that I will not be able to accomplish this and I am more than a little nervous about what that would say about me as a mother and indeed a person! But a challenge is not meant to be easy and I think the results may be greater than I can know now.

I thought I would share my moments here, both as a way for me to have some kind of accountability to the challenge and also to have a record. We so often forget things that we want to remember about our lives at certain stages.

Here is my first moment:

Friday night, after Kirby was in bed, the 4 of us sat down to watch a movie. Tim made his amazing nachos for our grown up supper (the kids had eaten tacos, something I just don’t enjoy). Micah and Ariel have gradually grown to love these nachos and dive in as we adults do. As I sat in the armchair leaning over to eat nachos and drink my wonderful Friday cocktail, I had my moment. All 3 others were watching the movie and eating. Ariel was almost too transfixed by the story on the screen to eat. Her eyes wide and her hand holding a nacho in mid-air. Micah’s long, slim fingers were gathering up bits of onion and red peppers with the broken tortilla chips. Tim was sitting back enjoying his beer and our supper. It was a very cold night (-18 degrees Celsius) and the wind was blowing outside. All was quiet upstairs, Kirby had crawled into bed with relief as he was exhausted from a day of playing outside. I felt tired, but in that delicious way when you can relax after working hard all day. Our littlest family member all tucked away, and the rest of us enjoying food and entertainment together. It was a beautiful moment and I noticed it and savoured it. Mindful Moment #1 complete.

Anyone out there interested in sharing Mindful Moments, I am very much interested in hearing about them!