I figured that I couldn’t have 2 posts in a row labelled “failure”. But man, this is turning out to be much hard than I thought. In fact, initially, I had titled this post “hard, hard, hard” and then I realized that might give a very different idea of what it was about – ha!

So, I had many moments today, when I thought “ah, notice this moment, this is nice”. But then I couldn’t resist the draw of my iPhone, or all I noticed was the tenseness in my neck, or my mind wandering to the “to do” list. Not even when I was cuddling the 2-year-old, could I be still and present. Now, he was totally squirmy the whole time and not at all relaxed in his body, but still – I couldn’t even be mindful then.

I am tracking this up to be evidence of how why mindfulness is a life-long practice and why the word “practice” is used to describe it. At least today, I attempted to be mindful even if my mind continued to wander. That’s progress, right?

Tomorrow is a new day and I will…start again, again.