Well, after many weeks I have realized (again) there is no good time to sit down and write and so if I have 10 minutes before a teaching session I should just go for it! I am back…hopefully with renewed inspiration to just write when I can.

All 3 of my children have beautiful homemade baby blankets that were crocheted by my mother. Micah has a white one (didn’t know his gender) AND a blue one, known as “blue blankie”, that was made to be a back up. Ariel has 2 pink ones, we wised up and had Nanny make 2 at once to try to avoid the disaster of losing a blankie. And Kirby has 2 cream coloured ones (we knew he was going to be a boy, but Nanny felt like crocheting with cream coloured yarn, I guess) AND a white one he stole from Micah.

The colour is not important, but the lacy crocheted patterns are. They allow a little one to put their fingers through the holes and pull the blanket up over themselves or just enjoy the feel of the yarn between their fingers. All 3 of my babies did this from a very young age. I am convinced there is something soothing for babies to have their fingers through the holes and wiggle them. The blankies are the only way we diverged from the recommendations to protect against SIDS. We let the babies have their blankets in their cribs. They LOVED these blankets – the blankets are the only must have item at bedtime.

Poor Micah lost BOTH of his blankies this past year. One didn’t come home from a summer trip and the other was scooped up by laundry when were at Disney World (that was decidedly NOT magical). His blankies lasted almost 8 years, and while he weathered the transition quite well, he still wistfully brings it up occasionally.

They all do different things with their blankets. Micah always wrapped his blue one around himself like a cape when he was sleeping. Ariel has always sucked on hers both when falling asleep and while sleeping (gross: the edges are all brown now no matter how often blankie is washed). Kirby drags his everywhere, like Linus in the Charlie Brown cartoons, which means we have a family wide hunt for “Boppy” before bed each night.

Ah “Boppy”. That is what Kirby calls his most favourite blanket. And while he also wants blankie and blanket in bed with him, Boppy MUST be in bed with him. Now to the untrained eye, there is VERY little difference between Boppy and Blankie and Blanket (the cream coloured blanket he stole from Micah), Kirby can always tell the difference. Even in the dark, he will touch a blanket and pull it to his nose and say “not Boppy”. It is really quite amazing.

And so the nightly hunt for Boppy continues in our house because bedtime routines cannot continue for anyone until Boppy is found. And while I frequently I feel exasperated by this nightly delay in bedtime, I am also aware of how fleeting is. Each night when I make my “rounds” to look at the children sleeping, I love to see their blankies and boppies with them. As we learned with Micah this year, this won’t last long. As always with children, beauty goes hand in hand with exasperation.