My daughter is almost 5. Like, we are hours from the 5th anniversary of her entry into the world. It is a cliché, but time really is passing by so quickly.

I always wanted a daughter, even when I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, I wanted to have a daughter. I love little girls, I love women, I love old ladies, and I love the relationship I have with my own mother. And so, I always wanted a daughter.

People will tell you to be careful what you wish for, you never actually know what you are going to get. I guess this is true in some areas, but not in motherhood. In my experience, what you get far exceeds what you wish for.

When she was 3, my daughter was a BIG challenge. She was difficult MOST of the time. And then one morning, she woke up and declared that was “going to be nice now”. Tim and I were incredulous: who just declares they are going to change their behaviour and then actually does it?! Apparently, our daughter. Don’t get me wrong, she is still her strong-willed, knows her mind self. But she is also sweeter, more patient, and loving. (We won’t even think about the possible day when she wakes up with a another declaration….)

My daughter is my second child. She was born of a reasonably quick labour at 3 am. Truth be told, I hadn’t really cared about gender the second time around. With MIcah, I secretly wanted a girl, but then I LOVED being a mom to a boy, that I thought it would be amazing to do that again and have 2 boys – brothers! But the she arrived – our beautiful, feisty, stubborn, full of happiness and life little girl. I was DELIGHTED. I was SO happy with her. I was SO delighted with my baby (girl) that I thought everyone should have a second baby, just to experience this joy. This feeling of love and contentment, free from the worry of the first time parent.

We brought her home and her brother promptly put her in the back of his Tonka truck and drove her around. It was their first hilarious and sweet sibling moment. I thought she was pointy looking and she had birthmark on her forehead, I didn’t care. She was MY DAUGHTER and I loved her so much.

And now she is five. And she is full of life! And she is full of love! And she likes all things girly and princess and also all things her older brother likes (Lego and mine craft and basketball). She is a glass half full little girl. She is a tempest in a teapot (apparently just like her mother was). She is strong and stubborn and beautiful. She has strong views on many things. When she is angry, she tell us, her family, that we are ANNOYING her and should leave her alone. When she is excited, her whole body shakes and her hands flutter. Her eyes light up and sparkle and her whole body is alive with energy.

My daughter loves ballet and learning to play the violin, and working outside with her dad, and riding her bike, and dressing up fancy for no occasion. When she grows up she is going to be a dancer, a dentist, and a doctor for children. She loves playing school with her baby brother, who figures prominently in all of her games. She loves to work in the kitchen with whoever is cooking there.

To say my daughter has exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. My smart, stubborn, beautiful, bossy, loving, happy girly girl is more than I ever could have hoped for in a daughter. I cannot believe she is five. I am so lucky to be her mother – what a privilege.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.