Oh my, how often I think about writing and how often I write seems to be inversely proportional. I am currently feeling simultaneously frustrated, happy, full of gratitude AND irritation. So I cannot sort out what to write about in this space. And so….this will be the opposite of a coherent post. But I decided it was better to just sit down and write rather than wait for just the right idea to form (although I have so many things swirling in my head).

I received a wonderful email today from a friend who has made several resolutions including one to stay better connected with friends. Since she is failing at all her others (her words) she figured she could at least try to keep this one. Her email came a perfect time. Just last night I commented to Tim how frustrated I was that I cannot seem to keep any commitments to myself! I committed to meditation everyday for February – failed after 4 days. I committed to eating more fruits and vegetables – constantly failing and continuing on same food path as always. I committed to more exercise – well….I won’t even go there. It is not that I feel I can’t do those things, it is more that I made commitments to myself and I just seem to let them go, like they don’t mean anything. I am all about “beginning again”, “being kind to yourself” and “just because you didn’t do ____ today, doesn’t mean you won’t tomorrow”. BUT, come on, I would just like to have some follow through on even ONE of those things…..

On the flip side, we have been much happier in my house. We are having a less busy winter and apparently that agrees with us. More spontaneous fun outings, more pajama days, and more time just hanging out. We are totally into the Olympics and really enjoying the fun of watching so many different amazing sporting events.

So all is well and everyone is healthy and I have nothing to complain about.

Perhaps tomorrow I will meditate and make a vegetarian supper….right?