As I have mentioned before (perhaps too many times), I love fresh beginnings: first day of the year, month, even week (I don’t usually work on Mondays, lucky me), and labour day. This year as the New Year approached, I once again focused my thoughts on what I wanted to accomplish but also on how I wanted to be. It became glaringly obvious that the “be” part is more important than the “do” part. Hmmm…of course, the 2 are intimately connected.

As I explored this thought more, I realized that instead of making a bunch of goals and resolutions, I wanted to have a theme for 2016 and then each month, focus on something of importance to me that I have let slide or never begun in earnest!  And so, my theme for 2016 is Discipline. I am aiming to lead a more disciplined life.

I do possess a reasonable amount of natural discipline, but over the years I have let this slide. Partially life necessitated that I become more flexible and less rigid in my habits. Co-habitating with my partner also became easier (for both of us), when I let up a little on my rigidness (?). However, I have let it slide a little too far. I indulge in bad food, drink, and not enough sleep far too often. I believe this contributes to poor mood, irritability, impatience, and overall I am generally less kind and patient than I would like to be.

And so…discipline. I am striving to be more disciplined in how I lead my daily life, with breaks on the weekends, so I can try to still be a little bit fun!

January’s goal was exercise. Before Christmas, I joined an online accountability group for exercise (and food, but I am choosing to ignore that for now). I finally became convinced that the only way to reliably get regular exercise was to get up very early and do it in the morning, at home, while everyone is still asleep. I had some success and I definitely noticed an improved mood and energy level. Success.

For January, I wanted to step it up a notch. My goal was to exercise at home, for 30 minutes each day, 5 days per week – taking weekends off. I am happy to say that I did success in meeting this goal for the month of January.

In February, I hope to continue my exercise habit, and add meditation. I have long dappled in meditation but I have never committed to a regular practice. To this end, I have signed up for Sharon Salzbergy’s 28 day Meditation Challenge. I am very excited and I really hope I can do this for 28 days in a row (update 07/05: I made it to day 8).

I am writing here for accountability to myself, publicly expressing my goals seems to help me meet them. I will keep you posted. I haven’t yet decided on March’s theme…it is up for discussion.

Update: well, March’s theme was “slow down” and what happened…we went on vacation and everything slowed down…less exercise, less discipline, less meeting of goals, and I didn’t even hit publish on this post! But re-reading it tonight has helped resolve to start again with my goals. It is summer – another New Beginning. And so I am starting again with exercise and being kind to myself. It is ok to “begin again”. I am convinced of this, because I have to do it so often.

First up for Summer: hit publish.

Second: go to be on time.

I know I can meet these goals 🙂